Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Missing George W. Bush??

I was, and still am opposed to nearly every single action the Bush Administration took during his 8 year reign. But, believe it or not I have found a good reason to miss the Bush regime.

It's not because I miss the idea of a so-called fiscal conservative spending out of control on warfare & welfare alike. It wasn't that I suddenly woke up this morning believing the fairy tale that an aggressive US foreign policy is the only way to deter terrorism. I definitely don't lament there not being a hardcore evangelical in the White House with a list of Draconian faith based initiatives he'd like to pass. I am in no way affected by the lack of a white male as leader of the free world. My life is better without having to be represented by perhaps the worst orator in history.


There is one reason I miss GWB. Can you guess why? Because he was an easy enemy to rally against. He had those on the economic right and left equally pissed off. That's one thing many self proclaimed liberals don't understand any more -- That most fiscal conservatives never voted for, or even liked GWB. Tax cuts for the top earners doesn't matter to a fiscal conservative when spending is out of control.

We fought him with you. We fought against the war, and globalization, we fought against expanding medicare together strangely enough, we fought torture and wiretapping. We opposed the Patriot act, and stood up for an individuals right to civil liberties. We are fiscal conservatives.

What happened? Most of you are not holding your current President's "feet to the fire" on any of the issues I just mentioned. Millions of us went against our movement's President, giving aid and comfort to your movements--only to be abandoned at the prospect of a handout, and shiny empty promises...

Your President has not ended any wars. He hasn't stopped the outsourcing of jobs and third world victimization associated with globalization. He has plans to expand government control over your health care, which whether you are for or against will become insolvent as all systems in Europe are now. Torture, renditions and tribunals actually increased under his watchful eye. We are still wiretapping like crazy and now he wants a kill switch for the internet in the Oval Office. Last I checked you could still be detained as an enemy combatant or deemed a domestic terrorist for opposing the policies of your government under the Patriot Act. The only thing he has done is offer you bread and circuses, in exchange for more power and control over your life.