Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cyber War Across the Globe

A cyber war has begun. Unless you have been on a reconnaissance mission to the dark side of the moon over the last 2 weeks, you have heard of the wiki-leaks cables leaked to news media, and archived on a growing list of parent and mirror web sites. Many of these cables, although classified secret or confidential are quite harmless to US diplomatic efforts. The reason for classifying virtually all diplomatic cables, even those that don't pose an immediate risk to national security, is indicative of a government who sees truth, open-ness, and perhaps it's own citizenry as a threat. There are, of course, some very telling, sensitive material contained in a small fraction of these documents, implicating corruption at the highest levels of governments around the world. The powerful have received a bloody nose, and much like the BP oil spill, it doesn't look like this leak is being plugged any time soon. Wiki-leaks has released approximately 1200 of 250,000 secret government and corporate files that have been securely submitted by anonymous whistle blowers. Will the powers that be succeed in stopping the flow of information detailing their nefarious involvement in efforts to mold the world to their liking. Not if the Internet has anything to say about it. Corporate and government interests have attempted to cut off the flow of money and web access to wiki-leaks main site, and the government of Sweden has charged the organization's leader with seemingly unfounded sexual assault charges. Even with their leader behind bars in London awaiting extradition to Sweden, the body of wiki-leaks operates without a head. It has taken on a soul of it's own, and is no longer a person, or an organization, but rather, a force of nature. The door has been opened, and the movement is now unstoppable. Numerous government and corporate attempts to block access and funding to wiki-leaks have been met by a "data army" completely born organically and with no one specific country or continent to target in retaliation. This is not astro-turfing, this is not George Soros or Glenn Beck Rattling the saber for their particular brand of status-quo. This is the average person, and mankind in general, begging for the truth, and begging to have a say in what actions the power elite around the world in the name of humanity.

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