Monday, October 17, 2011

Tea Party Likes Bank Haters, But Not Hippies...

Liberalism is not the problem

The founders of this country would call themselves liberals. And I understand the classical definition differs somewhat from the present day vernacular, but essentially we are talking about individual freedoms. Those two words mean many things to many different people. Your individual freedom may disgust someone else, and the freedoms they exercise may infuriate you. But that's the trade. I tolerate you, you tolerate me. This is essential, and man are we collectively getting it wrong on a daily basis.

Many within my Ron Paul and quasi libertarian circles are still pounding away in the "occupy wall street is nothing but lazy, dirty, socialist hippes" drum circle. Now, I know there's hippies there, and you don't like them. I say get over it, they aren't even half of the protesters. You generalize them because you have never truly accepted liberty as a philosophy for all people. You are only interested in your own personal liberty. This is the mindset that gives capitalism a bad name. You truly are only concerned with yourselves. There is a word for that -- greed. You are the greedy wall street capitalist. You invested in stocks whose criminal executives have bought the federal government. Your pension fund managers have bought these companies. You invested, you took a risk. I will shed no tear if you lose money in the eventual shut down. You made the wrong bets, and have actually sided against the people. You haven't the first idea of the concepts of liberty and freedom.

Occupy Wall Street is another leg of the Liberty movement. Let's march forward on two legs, Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street hand in hand. No Obama, no neocons. Throw out all the corporate whores. Don't listen to Cornell West or the Koch brothers. If your only goal is to get Washington out of Wall Street's way, then you have been successfully duped by the corporate machine. Wall Street and the Federal government are in this together, but Wall Street is holding most of the chips. Learn this fact or be destroyed by it.

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