Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tea Party Should Stand With Occupy Wall Street

Being a socially liberal fiscal conservative I have a lot of friends on both sides of the political spectrum. Many of you in the Tea Party are seeming to have a very hard time realizing that this dissent against Wall Street is in your best interest. Wall Street owns the White House, and Congress. Yes they do. This is that corporatism that has turned the US into late 1930s Italy. I've seen some very petty and ludicrous comments on the right about the Occupy Wall Street protesters. I have watched a lot of footage and I assure you it's not all smelly jobless hippies, and artsy yuppies.

Here are just a few examples of some of the vitriol being hurled at the protesters by the right media:

Patrick Howley, an assistant editor at the American Spectator, wrote over the weekend that he had infiltrated the protest group in order to discredit it...

source: UK Guardian

And just listen to Bill O'Reilly's smug smugness as he will literally say anything to discredit the Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Transcript: Juan Williams and Bill O'Reilly on "The Factor" FOXNEWS

Williams: First of all look at those Occupy Wall Street movement that you’re seeing right there first hand. It’s now spreading and it’s in LA, S, Pittsburgh, Boston,

O'Reilly: But you don’t think this is spontaneous do you?

Williams: Yes, I do, it's organic.

O'Reilly: Oh, they’re NOT! There’s groups behind them, professional people, these people, we sent Jesse Watters and these people just wander around…

Williams: Yea, but they’re jobless,

O'Reilly: They’re jobless because they don’t want to work! They admitted it to us. They won't work for the corporate man.

Williams: That’s not true. There is high unemployment among the young Americans because this economy is having such trouble

O'Reilly: Let me break it to you. if you have a college degree in this country, unemployment is 4.5% OK, Juan! So all these people, take a shower and they can get a job if they went to college. That's all.

Williams: No, what you're missing is they're underemployed...

Williams: These people can't find jobs or they're finding jobs flipping burgers and they're not happy. A lot of young people and guess what, you said the independents won't buy this.

O'Reilly: Yea.

Williams: There was a Fox News poll last week that says 'president Obama's class-warfare hopeful or divisive and the Fox Poll said 56% of Americans agreed that president Obama's class warfare described by the republicans is hopeful and positive and guess what, most independents agreed with it.

O'Reilly: I mean maybe the poll, the way the question was worded.

O'Reilly: I don't think Americans want this country to be divided over money and class. I agree that they are a lot of fat cat gangsters on Wall street and I've been outspoken about that. This ain't this. It's about I hate Capitalism, I want this socialist nirvana and I'm going to disrupt everybody's life to make my point. I'll give you the last point.

Williams: Here's what you're missing. In th elast Fox poll, in the Washington Post poll say they agree with the president that taxes should be raised on people who are making more than two hundred and fifty thousand. They agree right now that the rich aren't paying their fair share and if you go back to wall street, those guys are getting big bonuses, big payouts even after the government bailed them out...

This complete lack of understanding, and the disgusting loyalty to the modern day royalty of the super wealthy is plainly seen for what it is. Wall Street has bought the media, those "1 percenters" have declared war and their propaganda machine is running full blast. Now, to be clear I am in favor of free markets with minimal, common sense only regulation, but large interests have taken control of this country. They may have always had this level of control, and people weren't politically engaged enough to see it. Either way OUR EYES ARE OPEN.

Whether you hail from the left or the right, essentially you want what's best for you and yours. What's best for us all is taking the corporations out of governance. Watch how many of the grievances of the Tea Party, and Occupy Wall Street are solved by ending lobbying by corporations. Many of these "1 percenters" own corporations that are wealthier than the entire US government. Who is really the big fish making all the decisions in that interplay?

People relax and stop attacking each other. If you are mad at the system, we're all on the same side.

Other Thoughts:
1. Gary Johnson should have been in last night's Bloomberg debate
2. I like Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan, but I sure don't trust him because of his federal reserve and wall street ties.
3. Mitt Romney is about to implode.
4. The Cubs will still suck even with Theo Epstein

Cheers and good day!

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